Nowadays there is an increasingly pressing need to create a marriage between stringent new regulations regarding environmental protection and respect and the need to implement productivity, lowering production costs and reducing waste. In order to stay abreast of the demands of the contemporary world, companies are often faced with ongoing challenges to adapt to a progressively changing world.

We, of Brixia Plast, are at the forefront of environmentally sustainable technological development that protects both the environment and our customers. In the first case by limiting waste and lowering molding temperatures, in the second, we pander to our partners’ needs in reducing costs and timelines while maintaining high quality finished products. The Green Module is the green answer of Brixia Plast to today’s challenges. The result of our research, it constitutes a great achievement in the plasticizing industry.

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The Green Module designed and created by the team of Brixia Plast is the green answer to the challenges of the contemporary world. This is a plasticizing unit complete with every component necessary for plastics processing. It is delivered already wired and ready for installation.

The Green Module is equipped with a MultiCompound screw. Which with its innovative profile makes it possible to process a wide range of polymers, both amorphous and semi-crystalline. In addition, due to its special geometry, it allows a reduction in cycle times. In addition to the Multicompound screw, the module is equipped with heating elements and insulating cushions, which are a second key element of the entire assembly, as they counteract the dispersion of generated heat. Finally, all electrical wiring components are present to make it ready for installation. Grazie al Modulo Green è possibile raggiungere un risparmio energetico medio del 10-15%.

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