Innovation as the cornerstone for development: Brixia Plast as preferential aftermarket supplier to Haitian International in Europe.

Brixia Plast is proud to announce that an important contract has been concluded with Haitian International Germany GmbH, European headquarters of the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, for the aftermarket supply of plasticizing units to the entire Haitian network in Europe.

After a five-year collaboration with HMMI, the Haitian’s Italian distributor, Brixia Plast was selected for its capacity for product innovation and, above all, for its ability to interpret new market dynamics, knowing how to guarantee adequate stock availability, as well as dedicated customer care service to Haitian International.

The partnership between the two entities is in fact a very current formula of supply chain optimization, a factor of great importance in a context of constant transformation of global economic scenarios.

For thirty years now, Brixia Plast has made customer care and service its prime focus, managing to combine it with valuable technological and mechanical skills, which have made it one of the leading players at the international level.

Brixia Plast CEO Giampiero Ferrari’s appreciation goes to the whole Haitian International Germany team and in particular to Mr. Sun Yiming, General Manager of the Company, for the contribution of this synergy that will help both organizations meet the needs of their customers.

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Download the pdf version of the press release: PR-Brixia-Plast-Haitian_en

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