Increase the Quality of your products and the Productivity of the 100?

It is possible just to know how. And we tell you that.

In recent years, working alongside our customers, we have noticed their need to know the process of plasticizing and their desire to deepen the aspects of technical nature. Brixiaplast is always ready and responsive in responding to customer needs, distinguishing itself as a reliable and dynamic partner able to offer highly customised solutions.

Brixiaplast has therefore found a unique solution to meet these needs, organizing seminars characterized by the climate of learning for both experts and beginners.

During Our plastics molding seminars, the members of our technical support group in the plasticizing process will not simply teach you but aim to create a practical and constructive discussion, providing you with elements, both Theoretical and practical, for a better use of your equipment with the aim to avoid the scraps of production and improve the quality of your products.

The Melting Process course, which will take place at the Brixia plast plant, will be held by Brixiaplast’s group of experienced technicians and the following

topics will be discussed during its course:

  1. Thermoplastic Materials

  2. The stages of the plasticification process

  3. Stamping issues

  4. Plasticization screws

  5. Steels and treatments for the injection group

  6. Injection group maintenance


He has been working with plasticization processes since 1969. After twenty years of work in the technical assistance of Triulzi s.p.a. in Italy...
He is a pure technician and began his career in 1972 as a technical design designer for MIR s.p.a. and in less than ten years he moved to the role...
Mr. Piovanelli began his career at MIR s.p.a. in 1969 as a mechanical assembly worker and with commitment and professionalism he became a key...

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