The Technical F.C. AND THE DESIGN

Every Brixiaplast customer is a special customer, followed constantly and comprehensively.

The success of an innovation depends on its ability to change for the better the reality of the market to which it targets.

One of the fundamental characteristics of a screw is to have a homogeneous ability to laminate and melt; It must be long-lasting and, not least important, must have satisfactory mechanical functions, such as to ensure an optimal cost-to-life ratio.

Brixiaplast, with its technical and design office located directly within the company, provides an innovation service, ensuring all the features of high-performance products.

From analyzing needs and objectives to identifying the best solutions and innovation.

From the regeneration of screws and cylinders for all plasticification groups, to the design and construction of screws and cylinder profiles suitable for the new more sophisticated polymers on the market.

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