Plasticizing tips

During the injection phase, a good seal between the valve, the washer and the cylinder ensures the proper flow of material.This component must have the following essential characteristics:


    • Avoid stagnation points


    • Avoid flow restrictions


    • Allow a perfect seal with the cylinder


Another element not to be overlooked in the plasticization phase is the geometry of the tip itself, which is closely related to the type of polymer being processed.

Puntali di plastificazione

Normal PVR

universal design and configuration according to model, plasma coating applied to the surface of the fins with Eutalloy 1009 powder, tempered valve and washer, low investment, versatile


PVR mixer


mixing efficiency regulated by the number of protrusions that intersect through the distribution over multiple lines, no pressure drop, applicable on each press model without modification, low-return investment


Ball screw tips

Longer life, especially suited for large diameters. It is possible to use different materials than those indicated above, according to individual needs, by applying additional surface treatments.


Special CRM series PVR

Brixia Plast is the first and only company in Italy to offer a “PVR” group whose valve has a sintered ceramic insert made of zirconium oxide and with a tip and washer made of special steel.

This technology is used to solve extreme wear problems.