Plasticizing nozzles


Filter Nozzles

Versatile and suitable for applications for contaminated materials, with holes, with transfer, with filtering capacity starting from 0.5mm


Mixing Nozzles

Excellent mixing obtained without moving parts, homogenization of the viscosity of the melted mass, mixing of different polymers and improved plasticizing. Extremely versatile.

Ugelli di plastificazione

Direct Nozzles

Customizable according to needs of the operator.


Shut-off nozzles

Needle nozzles are recommended for processing liquid thermoplastics. Constant cleaning of the closing mechanism (which is never in contact with the material) and reliable closing are the main features of this nozzle.

Eliminates the problem of dripping and the formation of threads (making it suitable for nylon molding), high level of functionality of the parts that transmit pressure.