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Communication and Marketing Office

Brixiaplast IDENTITY

In order to improve and make our business more professional, we created a new division dedicated to the realization of advertising campaigns. The aim is to offer our customers and the market in general a solution of continuity in order to appreciate our work. 

The corporate image represents the first contact, the first impression with the market and the companies that form a part of it. A company’s identity is represented by its quality of communication, which is how we came up with the idea of calling our Marketing Office “IDENTITY.”  

IDENTITY is the office that coordinates all of our activities, including advertising campaigns, exhibition events, publications, website and newsletter management, educational material for our re-sellers and much more.

We always aim to further improve our commitment to providing the best quality. We thank you and look forward to seeing you on our website. www.brixiaplast.it




Brixiaplast Head of Communication and Marketing

Roberta Stefanelli

tel. +39 030 6854456

mail marketing@brixiaplast.it

web www.brixiaplast.it

skype Roberta Stefanelli