BRIXIA PLAST S.r.l. was founded on March 18, 2003, from the merger of three different companies in the plastics-moulding systems industry. After serving the leading manufacturers of presses, providing our products for over 15 years, we all decided to unite our respective strengths and experience to better serve these manufacturers by offering them a higher quality product at a much more competitive price.

BRIXIA PLAST S.r.l. is, therefore, a designer and manufacturer of all components for the transformation of plastics, including screws, barrels, and related mechanical accessories. We have been in the industry for over 25 years, and for the last 10 years we have made a mark on the industry, better serving the needs of moulding companies by making the shift from mere supplier to actual partner of plastics moulders and providing them with a full range of services that is likely unique on the Italian market.

This philosophy has enabled us to quickly and exponentially expand our business, and now Brixia Plast is better able to manage this constantly evolving marketplace, having established RB-PLAST S.r.l. after just two years. This company was then merged into BRIXIA PLAST S.r.l. in October 2014.


Over the years, the BRIXIA PLAST brand and our products have become recognized by plastics moulding companies around the world for their quality and reliability.The constant increase in demand and services has resulted in a constant increase in personnel and in the creation of Brixia Exp S.r.l. ; at present, we have over 25 employees dedicated to supporting our plastics moulding partners


Thanks to the efforts of new team members in the international unit, we decided to create a new company dedicated to the international market: BRIXIA EXP S.r.l.


This decision was based not only on Brixia Plast’s excellent performance abroad, but was also made in order to begin a series of new projects to be implemented over time. The results we have achieved convince us that we are competitive in both price and quality internationally.


In order to make our services even more effective for all our international customers, we have, therefore, increased our workforce in order to provide all our international customers and distributors with timely, quality solutions for this increasingly complex marketplace.


These extremely encouraging results have come with an even greater responsibility towards those who have placed their trust in our organization and in the quality of our operations, and we believe we are ready to meet your every need.