Brixia Plast has been a leader in the plastics transformation industry for 25 years. Created from the merger of three companies with proven experience in the industry, today our quality and reliability allow us to be internationally recognized for the design and production of all the components necessary for the transformation of plastics (screws, cylinders, tips, heads and nozzles).
Our organization, which is constantly expanding, has achieved this result because of our desire to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering our unique services and expertise to the national and international markets.
Our Technical Department maintains an archive of more than 20,000 mechanical drawings of the most important brands of injection, blow molding and extrusion presses. Our archive and our technical knowledge allow us to reproduce pieces which are faithful to the originals, guaranteeing our customers economic savings without sacrificing product quality.
Our company believes in and invests in innovation and development. Our plasticizing technicians have many years of experience, enabling us to provide analysis and solutions for issues concerning the plasticizing process, final product quality and the reduction of cycle time and waste. Because of this, we are recognized for our ability to design and produce special products to meet the most varied needs of our customers by using European raw materials of the highest quality.
Technological progress and the increasing globalization of markets make quality both a necessity and a challenge for every company. Our high quality standards and our desire to be more than just a workshop, but also a proven manufacturing organization, have allowed us to obtain IQNet and ISO9001 certifications, demonstrating our readiness to grow together with our customers on a daily basis.
We can produce and supply parts from 12mm in diameter up to 320mm in diameter for any injection, blow molding and extrusion machine without length problems. Our products are made only from materials of certified European origin and we can choose from a wide range of steels and protective treatments to extend the life of our products.
In order to be able to respond as quickly as possible to the needs of our customers, we have a large quantity of pre-finished products in our warehouse. In urgent cases, these products can be shipped within one or two days of receipt of order.

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The Brixia Plast Group, a leader in the production of plasticizing units for the injection and extrusion of plastics, has one of the most competent workforces in the industry.

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